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It takes only a few minutes to provide your app specifications. We have developed a state-of-the-art app development framework which allows you to select features from over 60 popular applications that span most functionality for virtually any app. Below, you can easily select your app specifications and from 40-80% of your app is developed on the spot, right now. From there, we have over 30,000 developers in our network to help complete the first version of your app and release it within days to weeks. Think of us as the "Uber for Code".

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The average app development cost on our platform is $4,000

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For iPhone apps, Android apps, web apps & more.

Why choose CodeSwatch?

We know good code. And we teach it on
One of the biggest problems when non-technical professionals hire a developer is getting code that "just works". The problem with code that "just works" is that it is not flexible enough to to add features later. With "just working" code, new features can be very expensive and usually needs to be re-written later. We develop modular code that is organized, documented, easy-to-read, and efficient. Additionally, we provide you with code tests to access coders if you want to find developers to manage your codebase on your own, outside of our network of passionate developers.
The best part about our service is that not only do you get great code, but you might also meet your CTO and other great team members through our network as you add your more custom features.


Mix and Match

Start with an Instagram template and then add Uber-like feature, or start with AirBnB and then add SnapChat features. Switch and swatch your favorite features to build your custom app. It's easy and breezy and saves thousands of development dollars.


Ship Code

Based on your specifications, the back-end code, database, a scalabale server, and front-end code is generated for you to see your app in action. From there, you have the option to create a domain name and connect your app to it.


Get Documentation

Once your app is generated, our bot generates documentation for a developer to begin work adding more custom features. Additionally, we generate a test that you can use to assess whether the developer you hire can work with the code.